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Music Water® is about more than just going with the flow. The idea of Music Water® came from the love of live music and after an electrifying music event was held at a home in Austin, Texas by a performing musician. As the night came to a close, music lovers went home on a high note. The fact is, musicians drink a lot of water while performing the electrifying music we all enjoy. Music fans can carry bring the experience back home with them, and with Music Water, we strive to be a part of that exciting experience.

Our Products

24-Pack of 12 fl oz Cans

Purified Drinking Water

24-pack of 0.5L (16.9 fl oz) Pete Bottles

Purified Drinking Water with Electrolytes Added for Taste


Purified Drinking Water | Alkaline Water with Electrolytes Added for Taste

  • Reverse Osmosis process
  • Water for our 500 mL and 1L packages is sourced from the city and goes through several filtration processes, removing unwanted molecules and particles in the water.
  • Bottled in the U.S.


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