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Going with the flow

Music Water is about more than just going with the flow. In 2009, the idea of Music Water came about after an exciting and electrifying music celebration was held at a home in Austin, Texas. As the night came to a close, music lovers went home on a high note while the event’s performing musician was overheard asking if he could crash overnight at the end of the driveway in his van. Because money was tight, that’s where he lived between gigs. The fact is, many musicians sacrifice stability to follow their dreams and drink a lot of water while performing the electrifying music we all enjoy.

With empty water bottles scattered across the very stages musicians perform atop, this struck a chord sparking a few key questions: how can bottled water become an integral part of lives inspired by music - for both fans and musicians? Is there a way bottled water can enhance the flow of all music? From Rock, Rap, Country, Latin to EDM - you name it! Music Water is the exciting live music brand that hydrates musicians and music fans. By fostering strong music industry relationships at every level and in many areas, we are building a platform that not only hydrates musicians and the crowds they perform to, but can also help artists in many ways. Thus, Music Water is playing a new role in the music industry and is also building a foundation using its relationships to support music - Support the Beat™.  We invite you to join us!


Available TODAY:

  • 24-Pack of 0.5L, 16.9 fl oz Bottles

  • 12-Pack of 0.7L, 23.7 fl oz Sport Bullet Bottles

  • 6-Pack of 1L, 33.8 fl oz Bullet Bottles

  • PETE Bottle

  • Purified drinking water with Electrolytes for taste

  • Reverse Osmosis process

  • Bottled in the U.S.





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